Our Story

Since 1985

I Ghibellini

A family-run restaurant guided by a great passion for cooking, for the Florentine tradition and Tuscan recipes.


It is initially characterized as a pizzeria-spaghetteria and then turned into a restaurant since the 90sfor the strong desire to offer typical Tuscan dishes.

The Restaurant is housed in an antico palazzo del 1300, Palazzo Corbizzi e vicino all’antica Torre dei Donati, appartenuta alla Famiglia di Gemma Donati, moglie di Dante Alighieri; da aprile ad ottobre è possibile mangiare all’aperto, nella nostra terrazza proprio nel centro della piazza di San Pier Maggiore.

I Ghibellini also tastes art, history and tradition in the oldest and most characteristic area of ​​the historic center.

Raw Material


The environment is familiar and friendly and you can breathe the history of Florence and the real life of the city..
The dishes served are prepared according to the ancient recipes and Florentine and Tuscan culinary customs;the Florentine sauce of the grandmother Giulia of Via Ghibellina, the Ribollita, which we cook just as the farmers once did in the farmhouses around Florence and the unmistakable Trippa alla Fiorentina.
Quality of raw materials,, wood oven, care and imagination are the ingredients of our pizzas! From I Ghibellini i genuine traditional flavors they marry with the wide choice and quality of the selected wines, also served by the glass.